5 finger-licking chicken wing recipes to try this weekend

Roll up your sleeves: these 5 irresistible chicken wing recipes will keep you coming back for more! Which will you choose: sticky and sweet or crumbed and crunchy?


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Top tips for making the ultimate chicken wings: 

  • Prep ahead! Mix up the sauce and cover the wings for up to 24 hours for a richer flavour.  
  • Line a baking tray with baking paper or tin foil for an easier clean-up. No mess, no fuss! 
  • Serve hot wings with a creamy sauce to help with the burn.  
  • Keep plenty of serviettes and lappies on hand to help with sticky fingers!  


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1.  Sticky BBQ chicken wings with creamy blue cheese dipping sauce 

Sweet and sticky, these BBQ wings are a classic recipe. The blue cheese dip is creamy and a little bit salty, with a great cheesy flavour. Pair with fresh celery sticks and French fries for a real American diner experience. 

Get the recipe for Sticky BBQ chicken wings here.

2. Asian orange, honey and ginger chicken wings 

We’re cooking up sweet and sticky again, but this time we’re using fragrant ingredients from Asia. Fresh ginger and orange juice add freshness, while soy sauce brings the saltiness. Add some chopped fresh chilli if you like it spicy!  

Get the recipe for Asian orange, honey and ginger chicken wings here.

3.  Crunchy buttermilk chicken wings 

These wings will really benefit from an overnight soak in the buttermilk marinade. The buttermilk is a little tangy and will help keep the wings juicy on the inside while the breadcrumbs crunch up nicely on the outside. We’re feeling the craving already!  

Get the recipe for crunchy buttermilk chicken wings here.

4. Sesame teriyaki chicken wings

Sweet and sticky is back, because it’s just so good! Sprinkle these wings with sesame seeds and finely sliced spring onion for an impressive party snack that your friends will love.  

Get the recipe for sesame teriyaki chicken wings here.

5. Tandoori chicken wings with raita 

The yoghurt in this marinade helps to keep the wings tender and succulent on the inside. Tandoori spices bring the heat, while the creamy raita dipping sauce will keep you cool. We love these on a braai over hot coals  it really adds a fantastic smokey flavour.  

Get the recipe for tandoori chicken wings with raita here.


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