6 colourful crafts to brighten your Easter table

Decorate your garden, table or kitchen this Easter with bright pops of colour.


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Gather the kids around and let’s get crafting! Use up old wrapping paper, wool and random odds and ends to create a festive atmosphere around your home this school holiday. The painted Easter jars make wonderful gifts: simply fill them with chocolate eggs or your favourite home-baked biscuits.

Here is a collection of our best baking recipes to try with the little ones if you really want to get into the Easter spirit!

 1. Bunny garland

A lovely picnic table decoration! Trace bunny shapes onto decorative paper (wrapping paper scraps work well), then cut out and glue on a cotton wool ball as a tail. Attach bunnies to string or coloured wool with Prestik to make a garland.


2. Eggshell seedlings

Save your eggshells, rinse and fill with potting soil and a seedling. Place in a decorated egg tray to make an eco-friendly windowpane herb garden. Want to grow something from scratch? Tomato or green pepper seeds will sprout in about 10-14 days. Remember to keep them damp and warm.


 3. Paper cup bunnies

Pierce two holes into the base of a paper cups( for the ears) and two holes just below the rim (for the legs). Paint cup and allow to dry. Halve two craft pipe cleaners and fold to create ears and legs. Stick into the holes. Cut out two shoes, two ears and a nose from decorative paper. Glue ears and feet to pipe cleaners, and stick nose and two googly eyes on cup to create a face.


 4. Paper stencil art

Glue strips of decorative paper onto a sheet of plain paper, making sure they overlap so that there are no spaces. Draw or trace a bunny or chicken onto plain coloured paper and cut out the shape. Glue cut-out onto the strips and display your artwork!

5. Speckled egg flowers

Cut flowers out of decorative paper and use Prestik to stick a PnP speckled candy-coated egg in the centre of each. Paint wooden sticks green, glue on the backs of flowers and place in a pot.


6. Painted Easter jars

Trace a bunny or chicken onto sticker paper and stick onto jar. Paint jars with spray paint, allow to dry and remove sticker. Fill with your favourite Easter treats.


Browse more Easter recipes here.


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