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Aah, the blissful post-restriction season of spring brings about sunshine sipping, laid-back weekends and carefree kuiers with friends and family. We round up a few simple soiree tips to make them memorable.

Now that our post-restriction dreams have come true, we’re all looking forward to freely enjoying our favourite tipples, with delicious meals to share. (Did someone say Sunday lunch or braai vibes?) But after months of restrictions, you might have forgotten how to host a party. Let’s help you along… 

Be strategic about snacks 

One way to get guests to gather in the location where you want the hub of the party to be is to strategically set the snacks in that area. So, if you put the food in the kitchen, everyone will be in the kitchen. If you have a dazzling poolside patio, place a few light nibbles there and watch your party kick off. So simple, yet genius! 

On a budget? Bring-and-share parties will never go out of style. Have your guests bring a few of their own party snacks to get things started. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Make a calculated guess

Running out of nibbles or booze before the food is ready is a major faux pas, so tally up the number of guests and how many hours you think the party will last. A general rule of thumb is that each guest will have two drinks plus a plate of snacks within the first hour, and one drink every hour thereafter. Factor in those who don’t drink alcohol and the designated drivers too. Have some soda water on hand to make spritzers – they’re delicious and healthier, and will ‘stretch’ your wine and keep the party going. 

Don’t forget the ice

Room-temperature wine and drinks are a no-no, so don’t forget the ice! For small get-togethers, go the DIY route and fill up the ice trays in advance so you’ll have enough for everyone on the day. If you’re splurging on a big do, it pays to buy ice too. 

On a budget? Make a big-batch punch if you don’t have lots of moola to spend on alcohol.

Now that you’re armed with some useful party tricks, click here for some foodie inspiration that’s perfect for entertaining. 


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