Flaky broccoli and cheese roll-ups

Light on dinner duty, high on oozing cheesy comfort.

Less than 30 minutes

Makes 4

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  • 2 Tbsp (30ml) butter
  • 2 onions, chopped
  • 1 tsp (5ml) garlic and chilli paste (or chopped garlic, if you prefer)
  • 2 Tbsp (30ml) flour
  • ¾ cup (180ml) milk
  • Salt and milled pepper
  • ½ head (about 180g) chopped broccoli (defrosted florets work well too)
  • ⅓ cup (80g) grated mature cheddar (plain cheddar or gouda work too)
  • Handful chopped parsley (optional)


  • 1 box (500g) phyllo pastry
  • ¼ cup (60ml) melted butter
  • ¼ cup (60ml) sesame seeds
  • Sliced spring onion and chopped parsley, for serving (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C.
  2. Heat butter in a pan and sauté onions over medium heat.
  3. Add garlic and chilli paste (or chopped garlic) and fry for 30 seconds.
  4. Stir in flour and cook for 30-60 seconds.
  5. Whisk in milk and stir continuously to avoid lumps.
  6. Season well and bring mixture to the boil.
  7. Add broccoli and cook for 3-5 minutes.
  8. Stir through cheddar until completely melted.
  9. Remove from heat and add parsley. Set aside.
  10. Brush each pastry sheet with butter, laying six sheets on top of each other.
  11. Cut layered sheets into four strips.
  12. Place a ¼ cup filling 5cm from the bottom edge of each strip.
  13. Fold over sides and roll upwards to enclose.
  14. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sesame seeds (optional).
  15. Repeat with remaining filling and pastry.
  16. Bake on two lined baking trays for 15-20 minutes or until just golden (they may pop open if baked for too long).
  17. Serve topped with spring onion and parsley.

Cook’s note: Not a fan of broccoli? Try the all-time favourite spinach and feta combo instead.


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