How to make perfect sandwich loaf

It’s humble, it’s easy... and it’s so much healthier than a sliced, store-bought loaf. In just a few steps we show you just how easy it is to shape a classic sandwich loaf.


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Making your own bread is healthier than getting a loaf in-store. Plus, the smell of freshly baked bread wafting through your home is just as good a reason to get baking. Don’t be intimidated – we’ll hold your hand every step of the way. For the only sandwich loaf recipe you’ll ever need, click here. Let’s get started.

Step 1

Lightly “knock down” the dough to release air and “feed” the yeast fresh oxygen.


Step 2

Roll dough out onto a lightly floured surface into a rectangle about 2cm thick.

Step 3

Roll dough up into a tight log.

Step 4

Pinch the seam with your fingertips and tuck in the corners.

Step 5

Place in prepared loaf tin, brush with egg and leave to “prove” for 30-60 minutes before baking.


Prepare: Make your dough well in advance. Ensure that all the ingredients are fully incorporated to avoid lumps after it has been baked. 

Rise:  Give your dough enough time. Two rises are usually adequate – this gives the bread a lovely texture and flavour. 

Shape: The idea is to stretch and align the gluten molecules so that they form a “skin” over the dough. This gives the bread structure and ensures it bakes evenly. 

Bake: For sandwich loaves, 180°–200°C will form a beautiful crust. High hydration doughs (such as sourdough) need a hotter oven, usually 220°C–240°C.

Now you’re equipped to make this staple at home. Get baking!


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