Rules to cooking ribs

The goal is to get ’em sticky and succulent – we show you how. After all, we all know marinated ribs is the original finger-licking good food.


The goal is to get’em sticky and succulent – we show you how. After all, we all know marinated ribs are the original finger-licking good food.

Marinade match-up

Match these flavours with the following meaty ribs for a winning combo:

  • Beef = brandy or bourbon and chilli or tomato sauce + Worcestershire sauce + oyster sauce
  • Pork = molasses + soy sauce + coriander or orange + marmalade + chilli flakes
  • Lamb = lemon + mint or curry powder and coriander

Crack the cooking code

Braising vs boiling: While boiling ribs will shorten the cooking time and keep the meat moist, the flavour will leach into the water. Boiling also gives the ribs a mushy, spongy texture. Rather braise in a small quantity of liquid to ensure good flavour and texture. Want to save time? Opt for parcooked or smoked ribs that are ready to braai. 

Easy does it: Don’t have a braai? Oven-grilled ribs are just as tasty, invest in smoked ribs should you miss the braaied flavour. The best way to oven grill is to place ribs on a wire rack over a foil lined baking tray. This ensures that the ribs don’t steam, and the foil simply helps with the clean-up. 

Is it cooked yet? Stick a skewer in between the bones to tell if your ribs are done. No resistance means the meat is tender and cooked!

Now that everyone’s ready to tuck in, don’t forget the bowl filled with water and lemon wedges for guests to rinse their sticky fingers (We know you saw it at Spur first, but this is a fancy touch we always have on the table).


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