Dairy is the hero: 5 creamy recipes you’ll love!

Let’s get cooking with cheese, yoghurt, milk and more. Not only do dairy products bring a rich, creamy flavour to your cooking, but they are also great for your health and well-being.


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Why you need dairy in your life 

Calcium: it’s your number one bone-building partner throughout all stages of life. But don’t get stuck thinking the equation is limited to “milk = calcium”: there’s a whole world of nutrition that dairy unlocks! We’re talking cheese, yoghurt, amasi and butter – the whole gang fuels your body with essential nutrients.  

Don’t forget: sheep and goat milk products can do the same for you, so the gourmet foodies can experiment with different flavours too. 

And what you might not know is that even sweeter pantry staples like condensed milk, caramel and evaporated milk have nutritional benefits (though we’ll be the first to remind you about portion control for these treats!).  

Add these ingredients to your daily diet to unlock the delicious power of dairy and a healthy, balanced diet.  

More reasons (as if you needed them!) to keep crushing on dairy include:   

  • Provides energy to perform your daily tasks 
  • Strengthens your muscles 
  • Helps your body fight disease 

1. Beetroot tzatziki with pitas and falafel

Tzatziki is a savoury Mediterranean dip made from plain yoghurt, garlic and cucumbers. It’s delicious on snack platters, cheese boards and even on sandwiches. It’s also a great accompaniment for Greek-style meat dishes such as roast lamb.

Get the recipe for beetroot tzatziki with pitas and falafel here.

2. Tuna melt pasta bake

We love this tuna pasta bake for its all-in-one simplicity. This recipe is easy on the budget thanks to tinned tuna and dried pasta, while remaining big on flavour and oozy cheesiness.

Cheese is an excellent source of high-quality protein (it contains all the essential amino acids) and calcium – both of which are essential for strong bones and muscles. It’s also a great source of vitamin A, which promotes good eyesight and protects your body against disease.

Get the recipe for tuna melt pasta bake here.

3. Cheesy lasagne skillet roll-ups

Lasagne gets a remix with this fun twist on a classic family recipe. Blanch the lasagne sheets until they are flexible then roll them up in an ovenproof dish. The pasta edges will get nice and crispy, and the melted cheese adds a luscious touch.

The cheese sauce is packed with dairy: butter, milk and a selection of cheese. While milk is an excellent source of calcium, it is also an affordable source of high-quality protein. Watch the video to quickly get the hang of this twist on lasagne:

Get the recipe for cheesy lasagne skillet roll-ups here. 

4. Chocolate-custard slices

Nothing beats the creamy texture of a fresh handmade custard! Fresh, crisp puff pastry is filled with a dark chocolate custard – the ultimate teatime treat for when you have visitors.

Did you know? Fresh, long-life and powdered milk all contain the same nutrients. Simply pick according to your preference!

Get the recipe for chocolate-custard slices here.

5. Crème brûleé milk tart 

Health authorities around the world recommend 2 to 3 servings of dairy per day – and this stunning recipe is a delicious way to ensure you’re getting your daily allowance! This classic French dessert is married with a South African favourite. Cinnamon brings the flavour of a milk tart, while the caramelised sugar top adds a crispy crunch with every bite!

Get the recipe for crème brûleé milk tart here.


This article is sponsored by MilkSA. Visit their website for more information on the benefits of cooking with dairy. 


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