Curry chicken traybake

This is a one-tray wonder where the oven does all the work. The only thing you need to do is slice an onion and whisk once – easy peasy!


Current Crush

The latest TikTok trend is colourful cloud breads. We asked deputy food editor, Gail, to try this trendy 3-ingredient creation and here’s how it turned out. In her opinion they taste more like soufflé than any bread. Warning, they deflate quickly, so take a snap asap!

Pick n Pay is committing to buy 25 million bottles of South African wine to help our local and favourite winemakers recover from Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. Support and sip up!

It’s Rocky Road Day on 2 June and we’re celebrating the sweet and salty combination of chocolate, nuts and marshmallows with this decadent rocky road fudge. Perfect for a simple weekend treat or great as a gift for any occasion!

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