6 new ways with Christmas trifle

Trifle is an essential at most Christmas meals. This year, why not remix the recipe with some of these great trifle ideas?


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At Fresh Living, the festive season is trifle season! If you’re looking for some fresh ideas and flavour combinations, read on for trifle inspiration from our team. We have recipes for the chocolate-lovers and berry-lovers, and there’s even a trifle ice cream! 

Interested in something different for dessert? We have more sweet festive ideas in our main Christmas hub.

1. Classic summer trifle

It’s a classic for a reason! If this is your first time building a trifle, start with this traditional recipe. 

Get the recipe for classic summer trifle here.

2. Lemon curd and cream trifle 

Tart and creamy: what a great combination! This recipe brings bright citrus zing to your Christmas table.

Get the recipe for lemon curd and cream trifle here.

3. Panna cotta berry jelly trifle 

These little desserts will win over the most ardent trifle sceptics. The rich and creamy panna cotta pairs beautifully with tangy fresh berries. 

Get the recipe for panna cotta berry jelly trifle here.

4. Show-stopping dark chocolate berry trifle with Chantilly cream cheese

This is the trifle that will impress the whole family. Go overboard with chocolate cake instead of Madeira cake, lots of toppings, and don’t skimp on the Chantilly cream!

Get the recipe for dark chocolate berry trifle with Chantilly cream cheese here.

5. Peach trifle 

Tinned peaches are the hero here: we always keep some in the back of the cupboard for trifle dessert emergencies.

Get the recipe for peach trifle here.

6. Christmas trifle ice cream

Christmas in sunny South Africa can be hot, which is why we love any way to cool off. This frozen trifle ice cream will look beautiful on your Christmas table, plus you can make it in advance and save on some fridge space. 

Get the recipe for Christmas trifle ice cream here.


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