The 6 best braai bread recipes to steal the show

Move over grilled cheese, the braaibroodjie has entered the chat! As the coals heat up for the mains, pop roosterkoek, garlic bread, potbrood and even pizza on the braai. Don’t hold back on the fillings – here, being cheesy is the ultimate goal.


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How do you know if your coals are just right for braaibroodjies?

  • You should be able to hold the palm of your hand over the coals for 3-5 seconds and no more. Any hotter will burn the bread before the cheese inside has melted; any cooler and the cheese might not melt at all. 
  • Place your braai grid about 10cm above the coals to avoid burning the breads. 
  • Remember to turn your bread or braai grid regularly for even cooking and best results. 
  • Don’t overfill your broodjies, as it’ll make turning them over or keeping them together difficult. 



This is technically not a braaibroodjie, but we couldn’t resist. Use store-bought pizza bases and go crazy with your favourite toppings, or stick to our suggestions. To avoid any spills, place pizza in a folding braai.  

Get the pizza braai pie recipe here.



This roosterkoek recipe takes cheesy to a new level! Fill it with cheddar, mozzarella and cream cheese for added decadence. Serve with a vibrant green leek butter that’s a game-changer! This one will win anyone over.

Get the cheesy roosterkoek with charred leek butter recipe here.



This loaf is perfect for a small crowd. Store-bought potbrood is stuffed with sweet caramelised onions, sprinkled with cheese and grilled until melty and golden brown. Super simple, but it delivers on flavour! 

Get the tear ‘n share potbrood recipe here.



Level up your roosterkoek dough by adding chopped rosemary leaves. For the centre, go posh with camembert or brie and, just like you would with a cheeseboard, add some sweetness with jam, syrup or honey. There’s no resisting these gooey bites. 

Get the filled roosterkoek buns recipe here.



Enter steak, cheese and egg. Make your braaibroodjie the main event by turning it into a classic Dagwood. The perfect dinner solution for when you’re craving a mid-week braai. 

Get the Dagwood braaibroodjie recipe here.



When it comes to last-minute desserts, this one will win you over. You only need 4 ingredients to make this braaied loaf oozing with melted chocolate and caramel. Go the extra mile and serve with scoops of vanilla ice cream. 

Get the Madeira loaf stacker recipe here.


For more inspiring braai sides, click here.


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